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Despite large advances in health care throughout the world with a marked improvement in health outcomes, it is alarming that the quality of care during pregnancy and childbirth is lagging behind. The latest global estimates for maternal mortality show that 295,000 women die each year, more than 800 each day, 2.6 million babies are stillborn and 2.5 million children die in the first month of life, one-third of these children, more than 1,700 daily, die during the first day of life. Too often, what should be a celebration of life, ends in a family tragedy. 

We know that quality of care is based on good evidence but this alone is not enough. We also know that quality of care means providing the services that women believe they need for themselves and their children. Women want a safe and respectful environment that guarantees their privacy. They want compassionate care providers who listen to them and speak their language (literally and figuratively). They want unbiased and understandable information and encouragement to make their own choices; for themselves, for their children and for their families. Across the globe, there are too many reports of lack of culturally sensitive care, inappropriate care, and disrespectful care, especially during labour and birth. Although there are laws and legislation to protect women’s rights worldwide, these rights are being flouted and denied, not only in low-income settings but also in high-income countries.  Too many women are not offered choices in care and if they express their birth wishes, they are often not heard and respected. Too often, the most vulnerable groups of women (young, migrant, poor) are the recipients of poor quality care. Too often, women and their children are denied care because they are unable to pay for services. There are striking differences in good health outcomes for mothers and newborns between socioeconomic, racial and ethnic backgrounds. This is unacceptable. All women, wherever they live, should benefit fully from quality maternity care at any time and in any place. 

Your donation provides you with an opportunity to show a large amount of compassion even with a  small monetary investment that will amplify the ICI dream of healing ailing maternity systems, starting with quality safe and respectful care. 

The ICI has been designated as a Presidential Initiative for the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and has status as a FIGO working group with the agreement that FIGO will manage ICI finances. FIGO is a qualified registered charitable organization. 

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  •  Send your donation through FIGO Charity Paypal using the button below.  *To ensure that your donation is channelled to the correct account, please remember to note that this is an ICI donation.  
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